The Gardarev Center

“The Gardarev Center has a strong commitment to justice and the arts as a vehicle for its expression. After fellows benefit from the nurturance the Center provides, they leave renewed and infused with the kind of healing creative power that can change the world.”
Jack Kornfield, Spirit Rock Meditation Center (California)

Our Vision. We believe that solutions to some of society’s most intractable problems, like racism, sexism, homophobia, environmental degradation, other forms of discrimination and areas of social concern, are born when cross disciplinary, multicultural groups of people are brought together and given the space, time and support to harness their dreams and turn them into reality.

Our Mission. We support multicultural, cross disciplinary groups of creative artists and thinkers by giving them education and research space to explore issues related to our Vision free from the distractions of everyday life.  Housed in simple, unexceptional accommodations, our education and research residencies are grounded in silence and mindful, beloved community.  While we are not a faith-based organization, our residencies are inspired by contemplative Buddhist retreats and those from other spiritual traditions.  We also create opportunities for dialogue and creative problem solving about these issues through our community forums, workshops and classes, on line blog, and other activities.